Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thanks to Steve @ Outcast Custom!

  Make no mistake, the assembly on this one was not of my doing! I sent a crappy looneynum pan to Steve several months ago to have him do a tooled leather covering for it w/ a simple P.B.B logo and told him to take his time, get to it when he could. Over those same months, I decided to take up leather tooling and Steve has become a "long distance mentor", helping me w/ advice, tips, and encouragement along the way. Put aside the vast wealth of knowledge he has shared in my endeavor, Steve has become a true friend. We have shared some stories from life, bitched about problems and health, but in the end, he always snaps me back to the reality that it ain't ever as bad as it seems, overall, I got a lot to be thankful for! You can't put a price on that.
   At some point along the way, he convinced me I was good enough to tool the top for the seat he was working on for my chopper. I wasn't really sure if my tooling was worthy of his seat craftsmanship, but, I agreed. The seat you see here represents alot more than just a business transaction, more than just paying someone to cover a seat, it represents a friendship, stumbled upon in one of lifes rare moments, purely by chance.
         Thanks Steve, yur a class act...

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